BUUR is a watchmaking microbrand for the vintage-inspired and the quality-conscious.

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Tungl Moonphase

Tungl is Icelandic and means ‘moon’.

The Moonphase Tungl was our first idea on the drawing board and is heavily inspired by the beautiful moonphase watches made in the golden era by Universal Geneve, Omega, Zodiac, Vulcain (and many more).

Available in blue, black and cream.

We offer free shipping, easy returns, 30 day money back guarantee and 2 years warranty.

Available now

Multiscale Chronograph

The Multiscale is our take on the classic chronograph with multiple scales: Tachymeter, Telemeter and Pulsemeter. Scales that are vital in many everyday life scenarios that we dare not start listing them.

Chronographs are something special. Some of the most iconic watches in the world are chronographs and there are so many ways to add certain functions and elements to a chronograph. Sometimes more is more.

Available in black with gilt markers, white with gilt markers and white with black markers.

We offer free shipping, easy returns, 30 day money back guarantee and 2 years warranty.

BUUR is best in its class at creating reinterpretations of distinctive vintage watches by combining timeless, neo-vintage design with high-standard components at an affordable price.

BUUR was founded by Thomas Buur Bækgaard in 2017 in Copenhagen when research on a book topic proved a theory wrong.

The failed book project would instead fuel a dwelling dream to start a watch company.

Not confined by any rules or dogmas BUUR only promises to create and design watches that are durable, of high quality, and that we ourselves find interesting.

By creating watches through passion and creativity, we hope and believe to find an audience who share our vision.