A beautiful vintage style watch for Christmas?

Christmas is upon us, and we are ready to celebrate the holiday season with you regardless of how you choose to spend your Christmas.

If you buy a watch as a Christmas present we will wrap it in. We will also wrap it in if the present is for yourself. 

All watches sold this December will have a extended return so that you have until January 31st to return it. That means - NO RISK. 

Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter and get 12% off. 

Also don't forget to choose your extra strap. You just write in 'Special Messages for Seller' which extra strap you would like.

This is also where you write who is on the recieving end of the watch if it isn't yourself. 

BUUR+ Tungl Blue Find the BUUR+ Tungl Blue here
BUUR+ Tungl Cream Find the BUUR+ Tungl Cream here
BUUR+ Tungl Black Find the BUUR+ Tungl Black here
BUUR+ Multiscale white giltFind the BUUR+ Multiscale White/Gilt here
BUUR Multiscale Black Find the BUUR+ Multiscale Black here
BUUR+ Multiscale White Find the BUUR+ Multiscale White here