Press and reviews

Selected mentions and reviews from magazines, blogs and buyers. 

Review of the BUUR+ MULTISCALE in white with gilt numerals by Mrchronometer on Instagram. June 2021.
review mrchronometer 


Oracle Time mentions

Oracle Time 62

.. the watch is a beauty… and the midnight blue dial is perfect for a golden moonphase and hour markers. (Tungl blue)

Oracle Time 65

.. the result is an elegant, considered, vintage-style chronograph, backed by the reliability of a Swiss Quartz movement.  

Oracle Time 66

.. Perhaps more quirky though is our favourite of the BUUR collection, the Multiscale Chronograph. It’s the kind of dial layout that collectors will paw through Burlington Arcade to find, and ideal for the indecisive precisionist. (Multiscale)

.. they are what they look like: an ode to what made some of history’s most classical watches the icons they are. (all)

.. there are very few (other) cool moonphases and multiscale chronographs out there.


BUUR buyers feedback

Unsolicited, but highly appriciated feedback from buyers. 

"I love it. It's my new favourite watch."
Danish buyer, July 2021

"Wow, they're insane. The design of the packaging!! Absolutely insane. Never seen this before."
French buyer, July 2021

"He loves it (says I Nailed it), and that I couldn’t go wrong when I showed him the other options.

Thanks for the beautiful packaging and note as well!

Cheers, "
- Danish buyer, June 2021

"Thank you. 

 I must say your customer service is the best I've ever had from any company."
- UK buyer, May 2021 

"Thanks again Thomas! For the note as well. Lovvvee it!"
- Danish buyer, April 2021


Selected for GQ UK shops in the Autumn of 2020.